Versatility and competence - Basics of our mutual success

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Lock2Finishing of plastic surfaces

Together with our partners, we refine the surfaces of our moulded plastic parts with the following procedures:

  • Electroplating (surfaces for example in glossy- and matt-chrome, pearlescent aluminum look, Tri-Chrome-Smoke)
  • Varnishing
  • Hot stamping and printing

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In our clean room we can realize the production of non-sterile injection molded parts as well as assembling and packaging jobs.

According to VDI 2083 Part 3 (particle measurements) and according to DIN EN ISO 14644 the clean room fulfills the requirements of a Cleanroom Class 7 in terms of air purity.

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Technical precision injection molding - THAT we can do really well.

With one- and multicomponent high performance injection molding machines we handle all kinds of thermoplastics.

arburg 29507 set up assistantWith tie-bar distances from 75 up to 520 mm and clamping forces of 60 - 2000 kN, we mould plastic parts with a weight between 0.1 - 400 grams.Fotolia #122562046 | Urheber: Moreno Soppelsa

Special options, such as injection into the parting line, unscrewing devices and core pullers are also available to us, as modern dew-point controlled dry air drying systems and multi-axis linear robots for the handling of the moulded parts.


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Mold making - Another key to success

Our own tool shop is the key and guarantor for stable top quality.Fotolia 129734804 XS

We can react promptly and flexibly to your requests.

But not only the new injection molds, but also the maintenance of already existing molds and the implementation of changes are important areas of responsibility of our mold making competence area.

Expensive downtimes are avoided and a steady supply of parts is guaranteed.

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The use of the latest hardware and software guarantees a fast, flexible and secure handling of your models and data.cad5

Safe processes - From the feasibility analysis to the finished injection mold.

The derivation of milling and EDM programs for our mold making is done directly from the design software.

We are able to read and edit all current 2D and 3D data formats.


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